uhhuh Banana Draws a Thing!
c'est pour cela que je suis née
i was born for this

In which the Mod of AskBananaPudding draws a thing.

There will be Pokeymanz, OFF, Journey, Flight Rising, OCs, and many other arts here. I might also reblog a thing or two.

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that would be agreeable, i think. o wo


Huh. .___. Wow, um, neato, I guess! XD

I, uh, I guess I’ll work on this species a bit more, and get back to ya’ll on that.

Self-indulgent species?

Self-indulgent species.

I kinda like it, actually! And I’m tempted to use it for something, even if it’s just a sona. .3.

Holy CRAP, I wasn’t expecting such a big response! image Thanks so much for the help!

So, the general consensus seems to be around/behind the ear area, which I like (that looks better to me), but then the subtle whiskers on the cheeks someone suggested is really cute, wow, but then but then the whiskers being part of the hair extensions is nice, too… Ahh, decisions, decisions!

I shall take all of your words to heart! image


So, I’m humanizing my Pearlcatcher, Farore, on Flight Rising, right? Working on the sketch here:

So far so good (please don’t look too hard at the messy sketch)! But then, before I start the lines, I hit a snag; I don’t know how to put in her whiskers without it looking weird or stupid. Like




I don’t know what to doooooooooo… *sobs in corner*

Baby’s first dragon! I’m so proud.

Anyway, I think Ruta is definitely a Spiral. Like, the description fits him to a tee; they’re either all the way on or all the way off, never any inbetween.

He would be the dope that crashes into everything and everybody, and literally fly circles around others asking questions at 50 miles an hour.

I have been bitten.

Bitten… by the Flight Rising bug.

Must… draw… dragons…

"This is anatomy I can get behind" indeed. |:3 Bawhawhaw, but really, these 'taurs are lookin' sharp, friend!

Hah, mucho thanks, friend! ovo/

Gosh, I wanna do all of my characters like this… The spirit’s willing, but I dunno if I can make it. XD


((See, this anatomy I can get behind.))



Som’n like that?????????))

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